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Sep 1, 2015
Aberdeen, NC
Ok, so I am a pool novice. A little background, I am in NC and pretty much all winter didn't clean the filter or mess with the pool much. A few days ago I noticed the pressure gauge was reading zero. My pool is pretty dirty and the skimmers were full.

Today I turned off the pump. Cleaned the skimmers. I have a 4 cartridge Jandy filter. I opened that and cleaned all 4 filters thoroughly. After finishing and turning the system back on, I initially got a little air escape from the pressure release of the pressure guage. I usually leave that open until all air is out and water comes out of the pressure release valve. Anyhow, after a little air releases, nothing else comes out. I put my thumb on the valve and can't even feel any pressure. The gauge, when valve closed, continues to read zero.

Water is flowing and pump is on. Water is also coming back into the pool, few minimum bubbles.

I completely took off the pressure release valve and turned on the pumps and water does not shoot up out of the pump.

At first I thought I had a faulty gauge but now I am thinking it is another issue. Pumps working fine, skimmers with good flow, and water feeding back to pool fine.

I have a 40,000 gallon pool I believe. It is a salt water aquapure system (aqualink rs) with Jandy cartridge filter Model CL580.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Mechanic's rule of thumb: the last thing you worked on is the first thing that breaks.

Sounds to me like something didn't get reassembled right and it shifted and is blocking the port. With the pressure release/ gauge assembly is unscrewed from the tank, you should see a geyser with the pump running. You say there's good flow in skimmers and returns, so we can rule out a suction side air leak or a clogged impeller. Time to reopen that filter and take a look. 2017 US Consumer Catalog Make sure part 7 is in place and part 8 filter is not clogged or the hose pinched.
Sep 1, 2015
Aberdeen, NC
Ok so I assume the bleeder is the valve that is on top of the filter that the gauge screws into. I took that off also just now and looked in there. No junk. I put toothpick in there. I blew and it is open with pin size hole. I turned pump back on and now trickle comes out of valve release. Valve still reads zero. Only a trickle came out before when valve was working also. I did unscrew valve but left bleeder attached. Water does come out now but not like a guyser, just trickle. Is that how it is supposed to be?

Maybe bleeder was clogged and gauge bad and I cleared bleeder?

Do I likely just need new gauge now? When valve is open and I put thumb over hole, 8 do feel some pressure now. thanks


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Apr 1, 2007
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If you have flow into the pool, you DO have pressure but your psi guage is not recording it. Up grade the gauge. TFTestkits has good ones.