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Mar 8, 2017
Las Vegas
I've lurked for a while and love this site. I'm getting ready to overhaul my equipment and would like a bit of advice.

Location: Las Vegas, NV - gets freezing about 10 days a year and over 100 for about a month.
Use: We swim from about May to September, two adults, no kids and a bull terrier (no, I'm not willing to keep the dog out of the pool)
Size: 8,000 gallons with 80% direct sun
Pump: 2 HP Pentair Model WF-8 - single speed, older and leaking mostly at the seals
Filter: Pentair CCP420 - Cartridge, 420 sqft - older and leaking at seals and junctions - cartridges are decent condition
Cleaner: A&A Mfg pop ups, 6 port low profile manifold (new, replaced last year)
Pop-Ups: 9 in floor and 6 on steps (replacing this year)
Light: removed last year because it was full of water - need to replace
No heater or solar, but we are interested.

I've been using Bleach and Acid to keep it balanced with great success. We keep the chemicals low for the dog and juice it most nights with bleach to keep it nice

I've ordered the pop-ups already as the old ones were pretty beat up, but I need some help on the plumbing stuff.

From my initial lookups it seems that I'm a bit over powered.

I'm thinking I can go with a 1 1/2 HP variable speed pump
I'm not sure if I need to stay with the 420 sqft filter, or if I can go down to a 320 sqft.

Other thoughts - I'm thinking about maybe running a solar panel on the roof, I know that will bump up the head space, but it's a close single story roof, so maybe not?

Thanks for any help!


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Yeah, a 1 1/2 hp VS pump is a great improvement.

The bigger the cartridge filter, the less amount of time you'll spend cleaning it. It can go longer between cleans.

Yippee :flower:

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