Help with Pentair ET and IC40


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Jun 17, 2019
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Hello, I am trying to figure out what my pool builder did. I have attached photos, but in essence I have a Superflo VS, IC40 Chlorine Generator, and an easy touch 4 panel. I also have a valve actuator for deck jets. Okay, so pump is wired up and had a communication cable that is not connected to anything, so all pump functions are controlled on the pump. If I push the “Filter/Pump” button it turns on the SWG next to that is the lights feature, and next to that is water feature which turns the valve actuator. Lights and valve actuator appear to be fine, just trying to figure out how to deal with SWG being on the “Filter/Pump” circuit. Any help appreciated CEB16970-4FA3-4519-87DA-2DAD5F8695C8.jpeg5D633CE6-0AF4-43C3-99D8-B313556556CC.jpeg2AEF3B5E-E7A5-4BE9-9ADE-A0DA3EB9A14A.jpeg0595B5FF-513B-4506-868C-09855C484956.jpeg7A193DC1-09D2-4D54-AFB4-2755C3070312.jpeg56339C04-3BEA-4498-B09C-4B1EAFECE8CB.jpeg195BBA42-98C5-46AC-8158-D2679FBAA74A.jpegAB824BB2-D12A-47D2-B7E6-ACEE6D6CCD89.jpeg90C717AA-DA58-40C6-AD97-851D5F85127B.jpeg


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Jul 3, 2018
The SWCG transformer should be wired to the load side of the Pump/Filter relay.
But let's pose any of your EasyTouch wiring questions (or any other EasyTouch questions for that matter) to the EasyTouch guru.
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Jul 7, 2014
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It is clear that your pool builder has no clue what he is doing.. The SuperFlo VS is not the pump to use with the EasyTouch.. It has no communication port..

If this were my pool I would be back in his office looking for why he installed a pump that won't work with the system he sold you.. He needs to replace the pump you have with the IntelliFlo. Even if you have to pay more to make this happen, it is the only way you will ever be happy with the system...

At least he has the SWCG wired correctly (kind-of).. the salt system should never get power unless the pump is being told to run.. With the IntelliFlo this is not problem. When the ET tells the IntelliFlo to run it also closes the pump/filter relay turning on the salt system.. This cannot happen with the SuperFlo VS.

The cable from the pump can be used to tell the Superflo vs to run certain speeds, but each speed will require an empty relay... I would demand a new pump and not even think about wiring up the Superflo VS until that option is off the table.

As a temporary fix, you can schedule the "Pool" mode to run inside the schedule you have on your pump.. as an example... If the pump runs from 7 am until 7 pm, then schedule "Pool" to run 8 am until 6 pm... this will give you a little slop for any timing issue..


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Mar 2, 2011
I agree, get the Intelliflo.

On a related note, it's time for the Superflo to get an update so that it works with Easytouch.