Help with outdoor speakers


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Jun 17, 2011
North Texas
Now that the pool is done, we're swimming all the time, it's time to pipe in the music. After reading opinions here on outdoor speakers, I picked up a pair of Yamaha AW350W at Fry's on a great deal.

I want to pipe the music to these speakers from iTunes mix on our Mac inside. I have the Apple Airport Express and I was thinking of just hooking these speakers directly to it. Will that work? The guy at Fry's mentioned I need an amp to power these speakers. Is that correct?

If you were building this setup, how would you do it?


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Jul 1, 2011
I have a pair of Yamaha AW350W for my pool deck. I also use an Airport Express and use my ipod touch with the remote app so I can control my PC running itunes from poolside. It works great. I use a Denon receiver to convert the digital signal from the Airport Express to analog to power the speakers.

The Airport Express output is either digital or analog. The analog output is pretty much a line-level signal and will not directly power speakers. Any 2-channel amp will do.