Help with no CYA & low FC

Jun 13, 2012
Orwigsburg, PA
Hello All,
First time using my test kit (and life-saver Spinner!) and I am not registering any CYA and an FC of 0.5.
My water temp is 55*F, so SWG not running. Have had Stabilizer in sock in skimmers for 4 days after vacuuming and backwash. My question is: Do I manually add liquid bleach, assuming I have some amount of CYA that is not registering? Without knowing my true CYA, how much chlorine should I add? We are expecting a nor' easter tonight for the next couple days so my numbers most likely will change when I check them after storm. Should I wait until after the storm to do anything?
My water is clear.
Thanks in advance for the help-and for the suggestions on this site to purchase the test kits from TFTestkits. Kits came quick with easy to follow directions. Felt like Beaker from the Muppets all morning!:D
Salt: 4200ppm
FC (by the FAS-DPD test):0.5
CC: 0
CYA: 0
PH: 7.8
Calcium: 375


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Jan 6, 2010
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Yes, add bleach. With no CYA, target 5 FC.

Your pH is at the upper limit and you have high TA. Expect the pH to climb a lot with the rain. When the surface gets pelted with rain so that it looks like it's boiling, that's aeration. I'd add a little acid to bring it down before then.