Help with new pool acid wash???


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Nov 23, 2014
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Great site, I have been reading for a while and would like to ask for some help from the seasoned owners.

We put in a new gunite pool last spring with diamond brite plaster. Our installer advised us to brush frequently which I did over the course of several months. A couple of months after the install was complete the plaster began to scale up quickly with what I assume is calcium. The installer did not have an answer and claimed he had never seen this before. Now the pool is practically 100% covered with the calcium scale, and the installer has committed to acid washing to remove the scale. My concern is that he does not seem to be educated in what caused the original issue and it may repeat. Any advice on where to look or whom I may contact to learn more about this myself so I can ensure this will not happen again?

Thanks in advance

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
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Im not a plaster or pebble expert, but scaling can be caused by incorrect chemical balance in the water. A contributing factor can also be the % of calcium chloride in the plaster or pebble mix. Preferably there should not be any at all in it. However, if the concentration of Calcium Chloride is about about 1.5%.

The best starting place for you to learn more about pool chemistry, is to click on the POOL SCHOOL button at the top right of this page.
Start with the ABC's of pool chemistry, this will get your feet wet, so to speak. :)

The next thing you should do is to get your own test kit so you will know what your water chemistry is. You will need to test it regularly in order to keep it in good shape.
Most everyone here recommends the TF100 test kit. Its only available on line. It is the best test kit on the market bar none and is WAY more accurate than the pool store testing.

Without anyone knowing the chemistry of your water, by means of you posting all of the water parameter test results, its pretty much an impossibility to make a recommendation.

It would also be helpful to add some details about your pool to your signature. Knowing the size, the type of pool you have, the finish, the circulation equipment all are very useful in trying to help ya out.