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Jul 20, 2021
Venice, Florida
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Just dropping in for an update. We ended up getting the pool replastered. As the last few of my posts indicated, calcium scaling started to form so it was one more thing that leaned us to do it. I hated the idea of being without a pool for another month, but overall I am happy we did it as we plan on being in this house for the long haul.

It was replastered last Saturday. I was hoping to pick a different color finish altogether but the PB insisted every other color I wanted was thousands more. So we stuck with the same product (premix marbletite Marquis series Sapphire) and added 5 bags of black stones (that's 400 lbs of stone!). For anyone keeping track, I think our pool took around 35-40 bags of the core Quartz aggregate product (so this was an approx 7:1 ratio). The PB covered the cost of the refinish, retile shelf steps and benches, and new startup, and we paid for the black stone additive and the cost of refilling the pool. It seemed like a good deal for us considering the history.

Overall the finish was not as smooth and clean as a brand new finish over gunite, but we were also able to address other issues at the same time (new returns that we needed) and new marker tile with plaster used to fill the voids vs grout. We also had them add the monkey valve actuator.

Here is my assessment. The pool finish doesn't look materially different and the color is marginally darker in broad sunlight. But In late afternoon sun and light shade, it definitely gives that more deeper blue/teal color we were looking for. During cloudy conditions it looks French grey which is really nice. It definitely doesn't look like a white base, which we are happy about (we always wanted a grey base but couldn't afford the upgrade). At night with the pentair led lights on, the black stones make a noticeable difference. The light doesn't cut through the pool nearly as much. On the flip side, imperfections are more noticeable (like on our shelf) with the refinish vs original finish). And the step tiles are beautiful!

All in all I am very happy. We have a huge Memorial Day pool party lined up where it will make it's official debut. I will have all of the landscaping and furniture glamour shots posted then when we take down the kiddie fence. At that point, I think our build thread will be officially closed. It's been almost exactly a year since we signed our contract - nuts! I am looking forward to putting this process behind us and enjoying owning and maintaining the body of water that will bring our family tons of fun for years!

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We are going to refinish our pool. What was once blue faded to a dirty grey blotchy color with chunky calcium bits on the bottom. We started looking at the Freestone Antigua, but after reading posts and researching, the pigmented finishes fade..especially blues. Not wanting to make that mistake again we’re leaning towards the Marquis Sapphire. Hubby wants a blue adding in more black, that makes it a deeper blue?
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