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Apr 2, 2010
Hello all, I am having a problem with my ta being way to high like 450 or so :shock:. I know that I am suppose to add muratic acid to lower the ph to 7.2 keep repeating this until it goes down. However Im not sure if this is working. I know that I have a high th, it is around 350.00. Below are my current numbers. If any one can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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Apr 29, 2010
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Re: Help With Highe Ta

What was your pH reading before you began the process? The way I understand Pool School unless your pH is out of controll or you have calcium scaling, you really dont need to worry about hitting a target TA number. I'm pretty new to all this so please dont take what I'm saying to heart :hammer: until the experts chime in. Another thing I read in PS is that it can take forever to get results the way you are doing it, but thats the nature of the beast. Hope that helps.


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Apr 4, 2007
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Re: Help With Highe Ta

If you are testing with the TF-100, there may be an issue with static electricity reducing your drop size. Repeat the test, wiping the tip with a damp cloth every few drops.

If your TA is really that high, you can get it it down, but you'll have to stay after the pH because your high TA will pull it back up quickly. If you can measure it, a pH of 7 is more effective. It works because some of the carbonates in the water exist as CO2 at lower pH, and can be aerated out of the water. If you haven't read the article, check out Lowering Total Alkalinity for the details.

My fill water is around 480ppm TA, so I deal with TA all the time. It's like trying to wash a car with milk.


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Jul 29, 2009
I really do not like chasing TA.

Even in this case, I think that maintaining a low pH (7 - 7.2) is a good plan. And, try to provide as much aeration as practical. As long as you are not replacing a lot of water with high-TA water, your TA will come down naturally. But, you will probably use a lot of acid at least initially to maintain the lower pH.

It will be important, though to keep your pH low until the TA comes down. You let your pH drift upwards, you can get some scaling issues.

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