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Aug 21, 2018
So, I'm in central PA, and we have been getting loads of rainwater. Many houses flooded, many roads closed, flash flood warnings everywhere. My pool has an overflow drain, thank goodness, that is basically just a pipe coming out of the deep end about 6 feet long, and emptying into my grass. This point of exiting the drain line is approximately 25 feet from the edge of my property. My neighbor's yard, is, unfortunately downhill from my property. Today the cops showed up at my door because he called them, stating that he was irritated that I was "pumping water out of my pool, killing his grass, and making his yard wet, and flooding his basement". The cop seemed apologetic to deliver the report. In an earlier conversation with my neighbor last week, when it was a sunny day. I explained to him that I wasn't "pumping" anything out of my pool, that there is an overflow drain, much like the one in your bathtub, that drained into my yard when the water level rose above a certain point. And that his yard was wet, as all our yards are, due to the excessive rain we have been having. And also, that his yard was downhill of several houses. He said I needed to "hook up a hose, and drag it out to the street, and not let anymore water go into his yard". I explained that that would require digging a trench and installing a pipe from my drain line, down to the road. He was not happy, and insisted I was pummping it into his yard.
My question is, are there legal regulations for drain line residential installations that would support needing to have it underground the whole way to the road? Any ideas here on how to resolve this? Or any insight on legal grounds he would have?


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May 19, 2010
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I think you would need to ask your questions to the local city/county authorities or a lawyer ... we are just pool owners here :D

I think there are usually rules stating that you can't drain water onto others properties though and you would need to do whatever needed to be done to prevent it.
Of course with the rain you are getting seems like a silly complaint as just as much water would be flowing down the hill from the rain even if you did not have a pool.


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Apr 21, 2017
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I agree with JB. You have to contact your local government offices.

I can't even drain my pool to the street. They required me to install a Drywell with my pool.


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Aug 27, 2017
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Are you able to trench to a drain / gutter downspout? The trench don't have to be that deep, and you can probably dig one in a few hours, or create a French drain. You definetly have options. Digging ain't fun but luckily you won't have to dig deep. I would just do it. Then when it's done you get to use it as leverage to hold a grudge against your neighbor for the long term. Maybe even call the cops on him for something silly. Good luck.