Help with dim Pentair Intellibrite 5g LED Pool light


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Aug 5, 2014
Oviedo, FL
Built our pool almost 2 years ago. Turned our pool lights on last night and noticed that a few of the colors are dim and not bright like others. We purchased and installed the Pentair Intellibrite 5g LED Pool light which has blue, green, magenta, white, and red colors among varying color shows. I noticed that blue and white are very dim (they were not always this dim). The other colors are bright just as they have previously been when brand new.

I called Pentair and they said that the LEDs on the board most likely need replaced which means I would need to replace the controller board and gasket ring. Because this is out of their 1 year warranty window the cost is obviously on me, which runs around $500.

Has anyone else had this problem? It seems odd that the LEDs would dim and not be totally burned out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is very frustrating that I need to buy a new light for one that maybe (and I repeat maybe) has 50 hours on it.

In lieu of replacing the entire board, does anyone know of where I could buy just the LEDs (if this is even doable). Thanks again. Michael


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Dec 6, 2014
One of mine lost the red color. The other just went out completely. Both were luckily fixed while I was still under warranty. One thing to look into is whether you might have a 3 year warranty if you bought all Pentair equipment as package through your builder.


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Aug 5, 2014
Oviedo, FL
Fortunately I do have a 3 year warranty because I bought all of my equipment from the builder. Didn't realize this until I called the builder for service.


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Jun 26, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
As another data point I've had two boards burn and each time take the green LED out. This was a new installation in March 2017. Fortunately the board was replaced under warranty both times.


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May 20, 2012
I know thread is a little old but one of my Intellibrite lights has lost the blue, white, and magneta colors. Still has red and green. I have two lights and the other one works fine at just almost 6 years old. Anyway, you can buy replacement boards for these lights without having to buy the entire light. Here is one place they are available:
This same place also makes an aftermarket replacement that is cheaper ($229 vs $359):
They say if you have a mixture of the two, like in my case if I replaced one with the aftermarket and had one original Pentair, the colors would not sync up. I am going to call them tomorrow and see what the options are but right now likely I will replace with the Pentair board.


Jun 30, 2017
I'm interested if you have contacted them to see if they match up, or did you go with the replacement board. If you did change the board let me know how the process went please. I have one that the blue light is very dim and i have hesitated to change it.


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Feb 24, 2014
i just ordered two of these aftermarket ones from sunseeker.. i did call and they said they wouldnt sync up with the good intellibrite (i have 2, one lost red color) mostly because these new ones they built have 16 different colors instead of the 12, also they are supposedly 3 times as bright... they have like 400 led compared to like 12 or whatever pentairs have... i will report back when i have them installed... should be here in a couple days

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