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May 22, 2012
I am trying to recover from an algae take over. My CYA is 0. Took a water sample to the pool store and they did not measure CYA. They are telling me I just
need to keep feeding my pool chlorine until it starts to hold. Will my CYA eventually raise on its own by just adding the chlorine to the pool? I also have a Nature 2 filter that I have not started as I do not know if it will help or hinder. Water is pale blue and cloudy....barely able to see bottom of pool.
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Feb 13, 2012
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First of all, pool store test results are notoriously inaccurate. It would be wise to get your own (good) test kit to take full control of your water.

If you are adding chlorine using tabs, these also contain CYA. However, you will want to get your CYA up faster than tabs can you might consider adding stabilizer (liquid or granular is fine) to get to your desired level.

Based on the description of your pool, you need to go through the shocking process to clear up your water. Read instructions in Pool School several times before even starting this process. If it is not done correctly, you will waste time, chemicals, and money.

Hold off on the Nature 2

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I just started on the same journey as you. I purchased a good testing kit, as recommended by the smart people here. I started to shock my pool with bleach only, and had no CYA when I started as well. My pool was a pale green color, and and unable to see the bottom, as of last friday. I have kept my chlorine levels (bleach) steady for the "SHOCK" phase. Added the CYA (stabilizer, in a nylon sock) ran filter 24/7 and today I can see the bottom. I am almost there. The pool calculator is a GREAT! Ask lots of questions, as everyone here is very friendly. I have to say read up on the BBB method. I have found it much cheaper and more reliable. With the "Pool Store Chemicals" you never know exactly what you are adding, as the BBB method is very precise.

Also, I threw out my nature 2, very expensive refills, and is not needed, for a crystal clear pool. I am just a n00b as well. I am just learning. This site has helped me very much!


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May 22, 2012
Thanks for the replies. I wish I had found this site a week earlier....(and about $200.00 dollars sooner!!) I have never had water tested at a pool supply center until this year. I am
fairly confident that I will not again. I have maintained a pool for 5 years previous to this year with no problems using most of the items in the BBB method. I wish I hadn't doubted myself, but
a move from city water to rural water made me do just that. In the short time I have navigated this site I have been very impressed with both the wealth of knowledge it contains, and the willingness of everyone to share their experiences and advice. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on the pools progress. (Cross your fingers!!)