Help with cleaning gravel/rocks/conccrete,etc out of pool


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Jul 11, 2008
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Well I have a nightmare. I am having my pool remodeled and the contractor told me that he would float plastic over my pool to catch anything such as above.

Well he did not and now I have concrete chips rocks fiberglass and who knows what in my pool. He said he could clean it out with my regular pool pole filter. I refused to let him use my polaris automatic cleaner.

Now I don't know about doing this because I don't want the smaller grit and stones going by my basket and through my piping and pump.

What would you suggest would be a proper way to handle this? I thought about putting fiberglass type screening that is used for window screens either under my skimmer basket or maybe line my skimmer basket with the screening that would catch smaller particles.

Is this a good idea?

Would this type of material going through my pipes, diverter valve and PUMP hurt anything?

Your suggestions would be helpful.


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Apr 4, 2007
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The holes in the pump strainer basket aren't going to let anything very large get to the pump. If you are concerned, you can use a skimmer sock on your skimmer basket while vacuuming. I expect you'd have to stop and clean the sock pretty frequently, but it won't let anything of any significance get through.


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Oct 6, 2009
If you're going to use a skimmer sock, pick up some inexpensive knee high stockings - they do the trick just as well and much cheaper!!


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Aug 20, 2009
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If it were my pool I would strongly request he use a trash pump, even if he has to rent one, preferably a setup that has its own filter and direct the water back into the pool. If using a trash pump without a filter then water could be run back to the pool using a big Slime Bag.

Any skimmer sock is going to load extremely fast. A women's hoisery may not be strong enough and tear easily. Also, in vacuuming, I would think an inline leaf canister would be needed. If you have one, and he uses your vacuum and hose and leaf catcher then get in writing that he will purchase you a new leaf canister bag when the job is finished.

That's just me but I've had lots of experience, over the years, with my pool and excess debris of different sorts. I purchased my own trash pump years ago because I didn't want certain stuff going through my system.

I would also be concerned about scratching the pool unless the vacuuming was done very gently with the exact proper vac head.


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