Help with chemicals for my new Intex 12x24x52


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May 3, 2014
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First thing the pool needs is 3ppm FC worth of liquid chlorine / plain bleach.
Then you need to add 30 ppm of CYA to start and once that is dissolved add another 20 ppm CYA.
Once the CYA is in a sock and dissolving, maintain your FC in the target range of FC/CYA Chart using liquid chlorine, daily.
You need a test kit. Right now, go buy a two way TC/pH tester at Walmart or Home Depot. That will suffice while the proper kit you will order right now from TF-100 Test Kit ™ is being delivered.

I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Pool School eBook.


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Do you have any kind of test kit at all at the moment?

As Marty says, first thing you want to add is some chlorine. Intex says your pool holds 8,403 gallons at 90% full. So using that, poolmath says a quart of 10% pool chlorine will take care of that.

A full 64 canister of stabilizer will raise CYA to 57. Call it 60. Your pool came with a saltwater system, correct? That's actually a little low, but it'll get you going.

Next up is adjusting pH. But if you don't have a tester, you can't.

pH adjusted or not, kids can get in now. It's not going to be any worse than getting in the bath, really. You don;t adjust pH for that. Worse case, red eyes.

And any time now you can add the salt. I'm unfamiliar with salt systems and who likes what level so I can;t hep with that. Your owner's manual should say how much to add. The kids can help mix it.

Until things are all adjusted and the SWG is on, continue to add the quart of pool chlorine every day. Don't use laundry bleach you might have unless you are certain it has no chloromax additives, or scent, or is splashless. All those additives are bad for a pool.