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Jul 24, 2019
Plano, TX
Hey All,

We had some rain the other day, and I’m having trouble getting my chlorine level back. I had put a pound of shock the other night, but it hasn’t done much. Pool is clear, and rarely has any leaves or debris in it. Yesterday, I did scrub off some algae growing on the rocks, so I’m assuming that’s why my CC is at 1...

Pump runs from 8-4 each day:

FC: 1.8
CC: 1
PH: 7.6
TA: 80
CH: 250
CYA: 40

FYI, I haven’t done the SLAM since starting this pool up, early last month....I’ve been a little unsure how to do it.

Any suggestions?


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Jul 30, 2014
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Please go through the information in pool school and familiarize yourself with the TFP methodology. The SLAM is a process and you must have a recommended test kit in order to complete the process. Your CYA levels (if correct) are on the low side.


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Jul 30, 2014
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Sorry about the 40 response, but I did not see you owned the K2006. A CYA of 40 is on the low side for Texas and you will consume more bleach. There is no ideal range, just recommended levels, but you will have to determine what is best for you based on your needs. Non SWG pools usually are between 30-50 for the CYA and I would increase to 50.

Please read over the articles in Pool School on how to properly perform a SLAM. You must maintain the proper levels at all times based on CYA until you pass all 3 criteria. Add bleach in the morning and add night to bring your levels up to where they need to be.



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Nov 12, 2016
Plano, Texas
Edit: If you are going to SLAM, keep CYA where you have it. Higher CYA means you'll use more chlorine during the process. Raise CYA after SLAM is completed.
My CYA is at 50, and sometimes 60 (after I've used pucks in the chlorinator during a vacation). 40 is too low to provide the protection your chlorine needs during our summers. You might want to raise it since the next week or so is going to be at or above 100 degrees. Nice pool!
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