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Jan 29, 2020
Miramar, FL
Hi guys (trouble posting from my phone, so moved to my PC)

I just received my Autopilot from @saltpoolguys and I am installing it myself. My question is about the wiring. As I have it now, I have a digital (smart) relay that operates my single speed pump and uses 220V. The Autopilot comes pre-set to operate as well in 220V, so my question is if I should run a new set of wires from the same poles I am feeding the pump off the relay and wire the AP to them. This will , of curse, cut power to the AP central unit and only feed it following my pump's schedule. Is this Ok?...or should I wire it permanently from the circuit breaker.
Another option is to convert it to 110V, make a power cord myself and plug it to an outlet I have available.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!


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Jan 29, 2020
Miramar, FL
I'll answer my own question in case someone else finds it in the future.
I called SalPollGuys and they said it was OK to wire it directly, not behind the pool timer. The Pool Pilot Digital has a flow switch that shuts down the cell as soon as there is no flow coming. I've tested it and it works well.

Good luck!


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Jul 21, 2013
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That is not what we recommend. The flow switch should be a secondary safety. Flow switches fail. The primary safety should be that the SWG is not powered when the pump is off.

SWGs have been known to explode due to the flow switch failing and powering the cell with no water flow. Here is one report - Explosion near the SWG

Pentair Manuals say:

The IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator Power Centers must be interconnected with the pool pump motor power source. This ensures the IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator and pool pump will switch on and off together.


WARNING:CHLORINE GAS BUILDUP CAN OCCUR WITH IMPROPER WIRING: To reduce the risk of personal injury the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator (SCG) Power Center must be installed on and wirded to the load side of the time clock, electronically controlled switch, or relay load side, so that it will receive power only when the pool pump is on. Otherwise, dangerous chlorine gas buildup can occur. The IECG should never be energized when the pool pump is OFF and water is not flowing through the unit.
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