help wiring a 2 speed 230v flowxtreme 48s II without a timer


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May 4, 2020
I have just purchased a Flowxtreme 48s II 2 speed pump and needing help wiring it to the exiting 3 position SPDT switch. I currently have no timer. If anyone can help thanks. Also if anyone can help with an in expensive timer that can also control the power to a intel chlorinator IC15 and the pump thanks.


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Jul 21, 2013
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You need to use a double pole switch with 240V so that both hot lines are disconnected when off.

Many folks use an Intermatic T104 timer for the pump and SWG.


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Mar 2, 2011
For 230 volts, you need a double pole single throw (DPST) switch for On/Off.

You need a single pole double throw (SPDT) to switch from high to low.

The intellichlor IC15 is 115 volts.

You need to have a 240 volt gfci breaker with a neutral in the panel feeding the T104 timeclock.

From the breaker box, you need 4 wires, 2 hot, a neutral and a ground.

The hot wires go to terminals 1 and 3 of the T104 timer.

The breaker has a terminal for the neutral and a neutral from the breaker to the panel neutral bar.

The IC15 Black power wire goes to terminal 2 or 4 in the T104 timer.

The IC15 White neutral goes to the neutral wire. The green wire goes to the ground terminal.

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