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Apr 29, 2019
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HI everybody. long time lurker, first time poster, and thanks for all the useful info I have gotten here over the years.

I am hoping somebody can help with my latest issue. I have a pentair intellitouch i9+3, connected to one of the variable speed pentair pumps, intellichlor 60, and the home automation ilink interface and the screenlogic2 brick.

issues started last week, when the temp of the pool started to register higher than it actually was. about a 30 degree difference. I was able to use the interface to adjust to the correct temp, but called pentair CS, and was advised that I would need a new thermostat.

I ordered and replaced this on friday, and now my issues have gotten worse! first of all, the thermostat is reading a constant 6 degrees below actual temp. I have tried to adjust this using the screenlogic setup, but the correction never takes. I also started to have glitches with the control interface, the pumps randomly stopping and starting, and the valves turning off and on for no reason. I did some reading, and remembered with a similar issue a few years ago, pentair advised me to do a software update on the brick, which I did yesterday.

according the the computer, the update took ok, but now when I try to access the system from the computer, or from the idevice, there is no connection to screenlogic. the address of the brick populates and can be seen on screen, and it is found on my network, all of the other fields are blank, and when I try to connect on a PC or mac, it will never bring up the screen that shows settings or control. the screenlogic setting app on the phone is the only thing that shows an error message, and this says cannot connect system offline, despite it being assigned an IP address on my network, and showing network activity in my network system interface panel (unifi if this matters).

Whats more, I can connect and use the system through the ilink interface to my control4 system. I dont know if the intellichor is working, as it does not provide for this info on the C4 interface.

This is the third control system I have had. started with an easytouch, then made some mods and upgrades to the pool. had the intellitouch put in at the same time as the new pumps and intellichlor. this system started misbehaving after about 6 months, and service eventually tracked the problem down to a bad cable for the new pump, which caused corruption to the board. the whole system (panel, pump, intellichlor, ilink and screenlogic) were replaced under warrantee, and are now about 6 years old.

any ideas?

I am concerned that there may have been another corruption event when the brick was updated. Looking through prices online, they are running 300 to 500 for a replacement, no way would this still be in warrantee. if this is the case, then should I be looking at replacing the complete system.. seems I can get an intellicenter for ~1500 which would not require the screenlogic brick, which seems like a bit of an unreliable piece of equipment.. this alone has been replaced twice now. once by pentair under the aforementioned scenario and then once more three years ago when it just gave up the ghost. if I do the intellicenter upgrade, then will I be able to use the ilink to connect to the c4 system? i know there has been talk of an IP driver for C4, but this seems to be in development and generally unavailable. it would also give me two valves, which would be good as spares.

I plan a call to pentair in the morning, but was wondering about community opinion. I am trying to get this fixed for least cost, but am reluctant to spend 500 on a brick only to find I may have to spend another 1200 if my system board is corrupt again, only to then be stuck with 10 year old technology. on the other hand, the intellicenter is a new system and I really want the c4 integration.

Thoughts? Ideas and suggestions welcome.




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Jun 7, 2017
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on the mac, absolutely. I dont really know windows that well, but am pretty sure my user account is the admin account.

This would be unusual for Windows 10. When installing something it is always better to right click on the installation routine and choose "run as administrator". Also not a bad idea to turn off your virus protection while the installation is going on.