Help w/ Aqualink & Rheem Heater


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May 16, 2021
Northern VA
Hi all - new to the forum, just recently finished an in-ground pool build. Everything has gone fantastic and just buttoning up some finishing touches.

I have a pool w/ in-pool spa, 35k gals.
Aqualink RS-8 Combo
Slide, Tanning ledge w/ bubbler, Spa, and blower, and lights in both the pool and spa.
Gas Heater (Rheem)

My PB recently installed some additional JVA actuators on my Aqualink RS-8 Combo to control waterflow to my slide. Because these were additional they were added to the solar and cleaner controllers per the manual as these were still open. I assigned these to aux6/7 and use those to toggle these two items so i can control waterflow to my slide remotely. Second, I realized they hadnt enabled the spillover mode Dipswitch and a few other things so i went about programming it myself. All in all went very smooth and everything seems to work as expected save one last issue. (The aux 6/7 controls work fine on the new JVAs, the spillover mode sets the return actuator properly, everything else works save the below issue.

Previously my heater would know if i was in pool/spa mode and appropriately set the heater to teh right temp for demand and manage accordingly. NOW however, even though all the actuations happen properly/temps are set in the app - if i turn spa mode *off* - the app will say "pool" / spa off, and show me the pool's temperatures, but the HEATER kicks back on reading "SPA Heat: 104" and tries to heat the pool to 104.

I've tried swapping in/out of remote mode on the heater and making sure the temp settings arent conflicting but nothing works. Every time i swap back to pool mode, the heater kicks up 20 seconds later and says its in spa mode still an heating to 104.

Spa mode/pool mode switch accurately just fine. Even on the app the temp popup shows its in pool mode but the heater is getting the wrong signal from something and entering the wrong mode. When i toggle "Pool heat" off while in "pool mode" - it disables the heater. If i set the pool temp to 80 however, it ignores it and proceeds to heat to 104.

I'm not sure what to tweak/reset to make this stop signaling the heater improperly - any help/advice appreciated.
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