Help us buy a new filter: Posiclear RP vs cleaner & clear (non-RP) paired with IntelliPro VSF


May 28, 2020
Patrick AFB, FL
Our pool pump blew up so i ran to the pool store for the STA-Rite. IntelliPro VSF. As we started fighting the algae while we impatiently await an installer, my husband gets sold on a ‘buy 3, get 3” warranty from pinch-a-penny. He hastily walks out of the store with a work order for the pump, a SWG iC40 with power bundle(NOT the ichlor30 with intellicenter), and a clean and clear filter 100.

my shopping list for future needs were:
filter: Sta-rite Posiclear RP — and I thought 150 would be the minimum.
SWG: iChlor30
Power: Intellicenter (our existing 220v transformer has tons of rust)

our concerns:
crystal clear water
quiet operation
trouble-free, low maintenance for DIYers

environmental conditions:
coastal home(salty and windy)
equipment is not housed and on a cement block

current equipment
US MOTORS 1,5hp SS 220v
hayward C1100 filter
electro-Mechanical timer
15000+ gallon rect pool

Im hoping to hear back from some of the wise folks here on their advice and experience...on the whole kit’n ‘kaboodle. Since he’s determined to get everything done at once, I want to do it better.
the only thing I won’t settle on is the pump. The one we have is an US motors SS 1.5 hp and it screams literally and is leaking water.
thanks so much for your help. We’ve looked thru the forums and I’m at the analysis paralysis stage. Plus we still have no clear understanding on the long-term value of RP designation - but we saw it was more efficient, so we want to do the better thing (If it is actually better).


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The pump is great, but the filter, in my mind is way too small. But then, you live in the land of the dinky filters.. :mrgreen:

I would get the IC40 over the iChlor 30..

If your pool is inside a screen room you can get away with a smaller filter.. If not, I would go as big as you can..

Even in a screen room, I would not go below a 200...


Jim R.


May 28, 2020
Patrick AFB, FL
Thx. I said the same thing About the filter. I have a feeling the local pool shop is offloading his back stock. We don’t have a screen - another eSpenser for another day....

what is the value of the RP designation?


May 28, 2020
Patrick AFB, FL
The plot thickens, plus new info, plus analysis paralysis. I made the list, went to the pool store, and walked out with nothing but more frustration and confusion. I got a few answers, but mostly more questions:

1. the “RP’ designation on the Sta-RITE/PENTAIR filters is for the new design. The inlet is locatEd higher than the original design. This creates more movement across the filter in a vortex fashion for better filtration. The claim is 50% more efficiency.
2. The pool store suggested we switch to Hayward, since they offer a better package deal — and we’re basically having to replace our entire pad. It qualifies an extended 5yr warranty plus a $500 rebate
—pump: VS Omni Tristar 950 $2000?! pump, but includes OmniHub automation control center
—sanitizer: SwimPure Extreme $1400 ( why not the aquarite? Or?... I’m so confused by the Hayward line)
—filter: cleanClear 200 $750
3. What’s the difference between the INTELLIPROXF VSF — Vs — regular intellipro VSF?
4. How does Hayward compare with Pentair?
5. Should we just order everything over the internet and only hire the pool store to install? The prices are significantly different from Polytec pools and another online vendor for Hayward. Will it still qualify us for the rebates and warranty promises?
6. Which company is better when dealing with warranty Claims?

we need help. The pump we have exploded. So we’ve just got to make a decision, but want to make an informed one with longevity and efficiency. We’re a military family, and this was not an anticipated expense. We’ve got 2 kids at home and our eldest just passed away at 21 years old. Thank you so much for your help. Your help is invaluable at this point!