Help to put back in place the stand and laterals in the filter


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Last year we were having issues with the MPV so when we closed the pool for the winter, I removed the entire MPV so that I could service it during the winter. While pulling on the MPV to remove it, the stand and laterals came loose from the sand. I thus remove it also for winter. I got the MPV all fixed up (changed the nylon seal for the handle and the spider seal) and I would like to put the filter back together but I have not been able to find any information regarding the procedure to follow in order no to break anything doing so. The filter is still full of sand (glass beads), the MPV is in the house and the stand along with the laterals is in the garage!

Question 1: Please have a look at the stand and laterals. It looks more like a box than laterals. Should we take this opportunity to upgrade to real laterals?
Question 2: How to we go about emptying the sand, and refilling the filter with the stand and laterals in place without risking of breaking anything with the sand?

Thanks everyone.


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What model number filter do you have?

Have you tried finding the manual or parts schematic for the filter?

I think you need to remove all the sand(glass beads) using a shopvac, reassemble the filter, and then follow the instructions for adding sand to a new filter.
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