HELP...SWG not it safe to add Chlorine tablets?


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Jun 19, 2007
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So my Pentair Intellichlor is obviously not working as the salt levels are all over the place and now the service light is on and I am still getting a check flow / pcb error on my intellitouch controller. I have cleaned the cell and the filter. The cell itself says the flow is good.....AHHH have call into PB to come out an check the issu, but in the meantime my pool isn't getting any chlorine as the cell stops producing when in need of service.

So, is it safe to disconnect the SWG and add some chlorine tablets or liquid bleach....?????I am about to leave on a week long vacation and I can't leave knowing I will probably come back to algea if I don't do something.....

I thought I have read not to add tablets or bleach if using SWG???? Please advise oh wise TFP members!


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Apr 4, 2007
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Other chlorine methods are fine with a SWCG, working or not. I'd shock with bleach, then use the tablets only if you have to, as they'll add CYA.


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May 7, 2007
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Tablets will raise your CYA level, which is probably already fairly high (since the usual recommendation with a SWG is 60 to 80). But if it is just for a week the increase won't be that large and it might be alright. Tablets have the advantage of dissolving slowly. A tablet floater might well last a week and could hopefully take care of things. Bleach isn't as good a choice for a vacation since you would have to add it all at once just before you left and might well not last the week.


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Jun 19, 2007
Spring, Texas
Thanks for such a quick response....

Should I disconnect the SWCG or will it be ok left on?

Also. my CYA was a little low at last check, so I was actually going to add some this week. I will use the tablets and re-check my CYA levels when I return home...hopefully this cell will get replaced befor I leave. :wink:

Also, I do not have a floater, and I know that adding the tablets to the skimmer is not reccomended, but will it be ok for the week????


I would not put tablets in the skimmer. Their acidic nature can cause damage to pumps and filters. Floaters are cheap enough. You can get one for about $8-$10.


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May 20, 2007
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you can buy a tablet floater from home depot, with tablets in it, for ~$15.

I'm in the same boat, except I don't have a SWG, so I am leaving the pool for a week with no chlorine adder... I decided on using the cal-hypo tablets since I HATE the adding of CYA. depending on your calcium level, might want to consider cal-hypo as well. btw, my calcium level is 240, CYA 25-30.

big enough bucket to last a week (4.5 lb bucket) I am picking up from wal-mart for ~$15 after tax, the trichlor was $20 for same size. Also think I'm going to raise FC up to 8 before I head out, so there is some extra in there to burn off if the cal-hypo runs out.

according to the pool calculator, it is only going to raise my CH 1.5ppm per day.