Help/suggestions on how to get rid of extra pool tile


Oct 15, 2020
Orange County, CA
Hi all! I purchased some beautiful waterline tile from Aqua Blu Mosaics. I think I somehow got the measurements of my pool wrong because I have over 5 boxes of unused tile now that it's been installed. Unfortunately the cost to ship the tiles back to Florida via freight (I'm in California) is $350 and my total refund is $440 without the restocking fee of 15%. So I'm kind of SOL. Do you all have any suggestions on where I can find people local to me who may want to purchase my unused tile at a discounted rate? Thanks in advance.


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Jul 28, 2020
Lincoln University, Pa
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Salt Water Generator
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Jandy Aquapure 1400
You could try your local Facebook "yard sale" page. I sold a couple things and then sold our old pool before we had a new one built. Just be sure to keep some tiles for yourself in case some of the existing ones ever need to be replaced.
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