Help - Shock timing vs. draining vs. cover?


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Jun 21, 2019
Louisville KY
Hi, first closing. I'm confused, even after reading around, on the details on above ground vinyl closing. If I have to SLAM my pool at shock level for 24 hrs, then immediately drain the pool 6 inches below skimmer return (as the water is at 12 FC level) onto the grass, then immediately put the cover on, what am I missing? Concerns I have are -
- getting first freeze this Thursday, rain on Wednesday. Want to close by Tuesday evening.
- when do I drain the water? Does it matter if I drain it right after the SLAM at high chlorine level? If I wait till it comes down to ???, won't that contaminate the pool again (possibly let leaves blow in and things grow)?
- when do I add the cover - before or after it's been drained.
I really want to do this correctly.

16 K, AG Vinyl, 27' round, 1.5 HP Ecco pump, cartridge filter, Taylor K-2006 kit, Southern Indiana


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Your FC level at closing is not critical.

The recommendation is to let the water circulate at SLAM level for 24 hours. If you can. If you need to drain the pool earlier then do it.

Put the cover on after you drain it to the proper level.