Help.... setting up new VS pump, not communicating with Aqua Logic

Marty Ray

New member
Jan 6, 2022
Hi All...

I've read thru many threads, seems to bee good support here. I have a question;

I've installed a new Hayward 1.85 VS pump. I had a single speed that went out on me. As I understand it, I needed to go to a VS.

I set the AguaLogic with the filter ALWAYS on, set the timers on the pump. ALL good the 1st day, but after that, pump would not run during the start times.

SO, I just set the same times on controll panel and pump to come on at the same times. Worked (not sure that was the right fix though). NOW that we are hitting cold weather here when my controll panel goes to freeze protect it is turning OFF my pump.

So... 2 questions then:

1. Is there a better way to set up the communication between the control panel and pump OTHER than just have them bot set to turn on at the same time?
2. ANY ideas why when my pump is running and the freeze protect turns on it would shut the pump off?

I am usually pretty good with this stuff, just baffled with this stuff.


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