Help! Semi-Clueless Texan Here: Are my main line, skimmer, return and suction valve settings okay (during winter storm)?


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Jul 13, 2016
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The title says it all: I'm very stressed about my inground pool/spa combo (spa is attached), given that it's likely we'll set an all time low temp for the area overnight tomorrow. I'm running both main and aux pumps continuously (have freeze protection enabled), but have a question regarding return and suction valve positioning.

Pool equipment is all Pentair (pool and attached spa, water feature so I have a main and aux pump, and heater that I'm not using right now, as I'm focusing on continuously running both the pool filter and the water feature during freezing conditions)

My understanding is that such settings may need adjustment in very cold weather (which rarely happens in Houston, where I am), and am unsure what to do. I took pics of the current return and suction valve settings, so if something looks wrong, please give me a heads up so I can correct before the severe cold hits Monday/Tuesday. Many thanks.


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Your automation should allow for setting freeze protection on the Pool and Spa modes.

Or, move the suction and return automated valves such that both systems are moving water. Be sure you are sending more water to the spa than is being suctioned from it. Set the automated valves OFF using the toggle switches.
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