Help! Sand already washing out! Do i need a retaining wal!


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Jul 1, 2020
Columbia, Mo
I have a Sterling 27' round 52" tall pool with steel walls. It's just been installed about a week and of course we've had a lot of rain in mid Missouri. It has a cove made of foam but I still have a small area (6×12 ")washing out in an area under the skimmer. There is some standing water around the outside of the pool which makes me nervous. The pool installer doesn't seem too concerned and is too busy to really help me. Do I need to back fill? Build a retaining wall or what please help :) of course I will have to pay someone to do this I can't do it myself. Thank you! The 1st picture is about 30" deep and only about 10' away from my house, the 2nd picture is about 15" deep on the side of the pool.20200701_124814.jpg15936315237278786892327637354016.jpg



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Jul 21, 2013
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You don't want soil piled up against a steel walled pool. It will hold moisture against it and promote rusting.

I would put geotextile fabric down and then buildup a layer of gravel for drainage. You might want to put some preforated pipe in it to drain water towards daylight if there is a slope to the trench.


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Mar 27, 2020
Gateway Pundit, FL
gonna need a retaining wall or swale, just dont leave it like that. not gonna lie, that wall is alot of work and drainage rock that goes behind retaining wall block that cant be seen. still working on mine. is that extremepower vacuum working well? i got the vingli, used it once so far so good.
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May 30, 2020
Saint Louis MO
Following to see how your project goes. I am over in St. Louis with the exact problem. What did you do for the sand washout? I'm planning on refilling with sand and putting in more rock dust on the outside where the washout happened.

And I dug out a catch basin that runs to a gutter for a temporary solution. Also planning on buying 100' of perforated pipe just to lay on the surface around the pool, which I will re-use if and when I build a retaining wall.