Help....Salt cell will not come on.


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Apr 28, 2020
Rockwall Tx
My salt cell shows it has flow but the "cell on" light on the panel is off and the panel reads 00% chlorine production. I have enough salt in the pool and the cell is only one year old. Also, it wont let me increase or decrease chlorine production rate. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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Jandy Aqua Pure salt cell


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Jul 21, 2013
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You have what type of Aqualink? RS or PDA?

What control panel are you trying to adjust the chlorine %?

Page 33 in says:

Some reasons for the CELL ON indicator not being on during normal operation, are: CHLORINE PRODUCTION RATE set to 00%,

the salt water chlorinator system is controlled by the AquaLink RS only when the AquaLink RS is placed into service mode. When the down arrow button A or the up arrow button B is pressed, a JA in the display indicates that the AquaLink RS is controlling the entire system, including the output production rates.The AquaLink RS Control System must be set to Service Mode before you can change the chlorine production rate from the control/power center user interface