Help removing broken laterals


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Jan 9, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Hello, Im not sure how to move forward in replacing 2 broken laterals on my Hayward S244S sand filter ( I removed all the sand and can access the laterals. They can rotate to face upwards and seems you can't just remove one but need to replace the whole lateral assembly. I tried to remove them from the elbow assembly but it wont move much and i'm not sure if the whole thing is glued in. There isn't much room to see or move around so i'm not sure how you would even remove the elbow if it was glued in.

Does anyone have any tips? I don't want to break anything trying to get it free. Also it seems like the bottom of the Lateral Holder almost touches the bottom of the tank.



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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Those laterals look to be the type that snap into place, with central cone-shaped pins that snap into the lateral hub. You'll likely have to apply pressure to the side of the lateral to get one side to pop out. If the lateral is in the horizontal down position, you'll have to apply horizontal pressure. It would be easier if you can remove the lateral assembly from the inside of the filter. This means removing the elbow assemblies from the inside the filters by taking off the nuts labeled "18" on the diagram as well as the associated washers. The bottom elbow I believe is glued to the lateral hub but not the holder below. This of course means detaching the mutliport valve from the filter as well, just enough to get the '18' nuts off.