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Aug 27, 2018
Good afternoon. I did a slam earlier this year here in Dallas and everything g seemed to be going good for a few months. I slacked on running all the tests past chlorine and ph. I ran them all the other day and came up with these numbers.

FC 4
Ph 8.2
Ch 150
Ta 110
Cya 30

I ran these numbers through the pool math app and added the correct chemical stuff including a lot of calcium for the low ch

Numbers the following. day. :
Fc .5
Ph 7.8
Ch 225
Ta 110
Cya 30

Once again i added the correct chemicals and actually put in more than recommended chlorine.

Today, one day later, I have zero chlorine?

What gives? I see all the calcium I outnumber in eating my chlorine. ? The chlorine is bleach that is maybe a month old. I’ve been been cleaning daily ? It hasn’t been 90+ here lately ?

Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the typos. typing this from my pool and can barely see


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
Your CYA is too low for your level of heat and sun. So the sun is destroying your FC pretty quickly.
Try raising it up to 50ppm and see if your daily consumption goes down.
Make sure you are raising the FC up high enough that it does not drop below the minimum for your CYA by the next time you test and add chlorine.
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