Help/Pointers for building deck from house to pool


Dec 30, 2019
Wilmington, NC
We have had the $300 walmart pools the last three years. We just bought the 27' round Saltwater 8000 from the pool factory and it is shipping. We currently have a covered back porch built on a crawlspace. We want to build out the deck to extend to the pool, which will have to be buried and we are on a slight slope, less than a foot over the distance.

The plan is to install the pool first, then build the deck due to having to dig in, etc.

Does this make sense and any extra pointers or ideas on how to make sure it is lined up correctly?

Also, the pool is 54 inches tall per the specs. Is that 54 inches to the top of the resin caps, 54 inch wall that then has an inch covered, or something else? What should the deck be built to of that 54 inches? I am very worried I will get it all completed only to have a difference somehow between the deck and the pool.

Thanks in advance as I am new to posting (reading for years) and a little worried, but want to get it all planned out before the build starts this spring.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! The wall height is 54". Resin caps may stick up an inch or two higher depending on the design of the pool. Some people build their decks so the top of the deck fits just under the top rail of the pool. Others build the deck slightly cantilevered over the top of the pool so the top rails are covered by decking. Either way is acceptable, however I would want easy access to the top rails in case I need to change the liner in the future.
Once your pool is in place you will be able to get a better idea of how you want the deck to look. Pinterest has some great photos of above ground pool decks. Below are some examples of above ground pool decks:

This deck is beside the top rail
above ground pool deck examples beside top rail.jpg

This deck is over the top rail
above ground pool deck examples over top rail.jpg

This deck is under the top rail. This is the most common deck placement.
above ground pool deck examples under top rail.png

This is a bi-level deck. We also see a lot of decks built at the lower deck height.
above-ground-pool deck examples bi level.jpg
above ground pool deck examples beside top rail.jpgabove ground pool deck examples over top rail.jpgabove ground pool deck examples under top rail.pngabove-ground-pool deck examples bi level.jpg
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