Help! PB making mess of pool start-up


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Jun 14, 2020
Round Rock, Tx
PH 8.2+ darker than highest level
Salt - 3000 pool is over 30 days,PB just added salt wed.
Free Chlorine - 1
CC- 1

I want to get chemicals in line and start my salt cell. PB dragging feet for weeks. Where do I start? Do I do PH and CYA together, or do 1 retest and do in a certain order?

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Jun 22, 2014
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CircuPool RJ-45 Plus
Where do I start?
Here you go:
- Assuming water is still crystal clear (no algae), increase CYA to 70. Use the Sock method to soak and squeeze.
- Use baking soda to increase TA to 70 (need to do this before lowering pH)
- Lower pH to 7.7-7.8
- With liquid chlorine, increase the FC to around 6-7. Keep it strong all day today and perhaps tomorrow as well as you start the SWG and get it adjusted.
- No pucks, no cal-hypo or anything other than liquid chlorine.

You have an elevated CC, so let's hope it's not too late (algae). If you do have a concern about algae (cloudy), only raise the CYA to 30 and do everything else, then run an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test tonight.
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