HELP! New 2 HP pump PSI at 46/filter leaking

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Jul 12, 2020
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Hi there - Our 1.5 hp pool motor/pump died and our local pool supply recommended going to a 2hp. Sounded ok.....the circulation in pool is fantastic! HOWEVER, now after 1 month with new pump our Hayward Pro Series S180T has started leaking.....first at a seam, now today, also from the head. We see the max working pressure for this filter is 40. Can the pressure really be at 46? Is the gauge broken? After hours reading on forums this morning.....I see people saying their "clean filter" psi being around 10. The pvc plumbing is all 1.5".....our local pool place said nothing about plumbing needing to be changed to 2"pvc. Not sure what we need to do. Ready for new filter, don't know what size to get. Should we just turn it off due to the crazy high pressure? Hope someone can guide us!!


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Jul 21, 2013
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I hope you have turned off your pump with the way you describe your filter leaking. The filter is a pressurized vessel and if it bursts you can have major damage.

Pour liquid chlorine into your pool daily and stir it in the water with your pool brush until you get your system running.

The 180T filter is the smallest sand filter Hayward made. If you are going to run a 2 HP pump you need a larger filter to handle the water volume.

A 2HP was probably unnecessary for your pool. Please create your signature with details of your pool and equipment and then maybe we can comment more about what equipment is suitable for you.


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If you are getting good flow into the pool from the returns, your psi is not 46. 46 psi would indicate an almost complete blockage resulting in virtually no flow.

That said, if your filter is leaking at a seam, that needs to be fixed immediately. You got a pic of the filter leaking?


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Mar 2, 2011
Our 1.5 hp pool motor/pump died and our local pool supply recommended going to a 2hp.
A 2 hp pump was probably a very bad choice. What flow do you need? Can you show the pool and system?

It's unlikely that the pump can generate 46 psi. Does the gauge go to zero when you turn the pump off?

How old is the filter?

I would go with a variable speed pump and a big 420 square foot cartridge filter.

Maybe ask the installer to redo the pump at no cost to you since it's probably the wrong pump.

Also, ask them to discount the new filter since they damaged your existing filter by exceeding the design flow rate.