Help needed!! Fiberglass gelcoat pool gone wrong


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Sep 30, 2020
Los angeles
I recently hired a contractor to redo my pool. Since the original plaster was in decent condition he suggested I go with a fiberglass resurface finish with a gel coat. The cost was some what less and I didn't want to deal with new plaster pool startup I agreed . After completion of the project, I started to notice that the surface had alot a imperfections. Long hairline cracks visible, surface in many places is uneven, the stair edges uneven, large patches were previous plaster had come off, and overall pool surface doesn't look smooth. I asked the contractor if this was correct and he told me its done right. And if I fill in with water it will not show.

My understanding was that the pool surface was suppose to be sanded down completely and repairs made like patch work.

I dont see any fiberglass fibers in fact I see more of the previous damages than repairs. Yes the pool looks white and clean but when I run my hand across the surface its wavy.

Is this correct ?

Can these be fixed or i have to redo?


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Jul 20, 2020
Houston, TX
I have never heard of replacing plaster with fiberglass or gel coat, is this really something people do? I wouldn't think it would adhere very well.
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