Help needed - Chamber next to skimmer


May 21, 2018
Indianapolis, IN
I'm not sure what this chamber is but I thought the water level was supposed to always stay low. We got a TON of rain last night and when I looked in this chamber/hole today it was the highest I've ever seen the water.

Should I be worried? Should I try to get a pump down there to get it low again? What is its purpose?



TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
As long as the water in the pool is higher than the water in the tube, you should be ok.

The main concern is when the pool is drained and the ground water is high, the pool can float out of the ground.

Try to make sure that the water in the pool is always at least 18" above the water in the tube.


Silver Supporter
Jun 20, 2018
Annapolis, MD
I keep mine low as we sometimes get very heavy rains and I don’t want to have to worry about it during the rain. Once the rain stops I go out and check and use a sump pump if needed. I’d rather be safe than sorry.