Help needed! Assume no options


Apr 7, 2021
Vancouver, WA
Hey there friends, so first off I assume most new projects are dealing with the same issues as we are but looking for a bit of friendly guidance. Live in PNW. Working with a small PB who does 15 or so pools annually for 16-17 years. 38x16 FG pool ordered in Early/mid April with initial deliver planned for mid June. Date pushed back to July 5 then a week before pushed back another month to August 5th. Oddly my buddy who is with a new builder ordered a day before us and his is completed. Odd background story that I’m not sure I’ve been fully apprised of. Assuming this thing keeps getting pushed back I’m not sure installing in my yard in fall is awesome given our rainfall and unpredictable weather as well as substantial other landscaping that I’m trying to handle after pool.

I’m not sure I feel comfortable continuing down the pathway of no sure fire delivery this summer. Communication from manufacturer hasn’t been great as well. Trying not to badmouth a manufacturer on here so I haven’t included their name. I know this would mean no pool this year but any pool manufacturers you would recommend? Thanks everyone.
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