Help my pool water


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May 17, 2008
:( My pool water is cloudy. I need help! The (TH) is 200, ph is 7.2, Alkalinity is 80, cya is 30-50, no chlorine. I have added shock it over and over, I have added so much chlorine. My water is cloudy, why?? Please help me


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May 7, 2007
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Could you tell us what the water looks like, murky, green, white, gray, milky, etc? Also when you say "shock" what exactly are you doing?

Chances are you have simply not killed off all the algae yet, but there are some other possibilities. Killing algae requires sustained high FC levels, achieved by frequent testing and addition of chlorine as needed, not occasional additions of a "shock" product. For more information on cleaning up a green pool see this article.
Are you testing your water with test strips? The numbers you posted look like they are test strip numbers. (The CYA 30-50 was a dead giveaway, btw. That is how a test strip would report it.) If so that might be the start of you problem. Test strips are not dependable for water balancing.
If you don't have a good drop based testkit get your water tested at the pool store and post your results. I have a theory as to why your water might be cloudy. I assume the 'shock' you are adding is the stuff in the 1 lb bags, right?