Help me with my was green now cloudy pool!


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Sep 22, 2010
I am currently attempting to use the BBB method to clean up the algae mess in my pool. It seems to be working pretty good so far. The water is extremely cloudy and I was wondering what I can use/do to help clear it up. Also, I typically use the Vision Nature2 filter in addition to my sand filter. The vision is not attached right now since I need to get a new filter, however I read on another site that the BBB method should not be utilized with copper filter systems (I believe the Vision is a copper-based system). Is this indeed true? Why can't I use it? I know that it could assist me in clearing up the water, but I don't want to do so without checking first in case it were to cause some bad chemical reaction to take place. Appreciate your help in advance.

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The Nature² system isn't a filter, it's a mineral addition system. We don't recommend the use of any of those systems due to the potential problems they cause. You can search this site for many problems users have had. Since it's disconnected I'd leave it that way.

If you would post a set of test results and how you got them, we could give you an idea what's causing your cloudy issue but I suspect it's dead algae that needs time to filter out.

You need to read Pool School and get a good test kit if you don't already have one. Good test results are very important to maintaining a safe trouble free pool.
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