Help me stabilize my rising pH?


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Mar 10, 2008
Lafayette, LA
My pH is constantly on the rise. Not sure exactly what the trend is due to the fact that I work away from home for 30 days at a stretch. I just know that it is beyond 7.8 when I get back.
IIRC from the last time I was in, it wasn't unusual to see it raised by .4-.5 in a 2-3 day period. I'll keep a better journal over the next couple weeks to see what it's doing.
For right now, I'd like to get you guys to look at my numbers/timed events and tell me if there is something that I should adjust in order to minimize the effect.

Aeration affects pH, right? I have 3-18" sheer descents, a spillover spa, and 2 sprays for the tanning ledge. The sheer descents and sprays are timed to run 2 hours a day. The spa spills over as a return for the pool for 6 hours in the am, and 4 hours in the evening. The spa runs it's jets for 4 hours in the morning. This scenario was programmed by me as a means to "keep everything functional" while this house sat vacant through the spring. Now that I look at it, I'm thinking I need to trim this back.
How would you run the filtration timing in busy season? I'm thinking it's a fairly light load, 1-2 adults with a 4 year old kid a couple times a day for a couple hours at a stretch. We run the pool filter while we swim.
I should probably ditch the water features timing segment, but it's nice to wake up to the sound in the morning. Is 2 hours a day going to have a big effect on the pH? I could live with turning them on manually I suppose.
I think I will cut the spa's timed segment down to 15 minutes, (just to exercise the valve everyday) instead of 4 hours.

Onto the chemistry...
Current pH is 7.3, have been dosing it with 31.45 MA over the last few days to get it where it is.

FC was 3 at 6 pm today. I shocked it with 48 oz of 48% Cal Hypo last night as a final shock for an algae bloom I was dealing with. Should have brought it up to about 11 over night.
CC is zero, water's clear now.

CYA was very high 6 weeks ago, 90. It was zero when I got back from work. :shock: I have an autofill, and there has been some heavy rains but I'm still not sure where it went. I did take over a foot of water out of the pool as I was vacuuming, so that would dilute it quite a bit, but it was still hard to believe zero. I have tested, retested, and ordered more reagents.
I used about 5 di-chlor pucks over the last week and it was about 15 this afternoon. I added about 8 oz of Balancer into the AquaGenie dispenser this evening to boost it up a tad bit more.

CH is 260, TA is 95.
I don't have a test for borates, but I haven't added any. Should I? They can help stabilize the pH right?