Help me replace top port valve

Aug 4, 2015
Lubbock, TX
Good morning TFP. I need your experienced opinion. I bought this pool last year and getting ready to open it for season. I noticed this crack where the pressure gauge is screwed into. This will leak when water runs through and I am wonder if I can seal it or if my only option is to replace the multiport valve.
That leads me to my next question. My top-mount valve is old and I am looking at new ones. Will the SP0714T work here? I cannot find any identifying marks on my current valve. Filter is a Purex Triton Tagelus TA 50/500




LifeTime Supporter
Aug 5, 2014
Hampton, IL.
So I have not had luck trying to seal crack like that. There are some quick fixes that aren't very appealing that you can try. Maybe a strip of rubber and a stainless hose clamp. Re-tape and dope and thread in lightly and see what happens the tighter you put it in the wider the crack will spread. JB weld and plastic welders won't work. I have a Tagleus filter also i don't think you would have any issues finding one that will fit.

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