Help Me Replace My Pool and Spa Equipment


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Jun 22, 2017
Panama City, FL
First time poster, but have followed the forum for a few years now. Bought a new house last year and limped thru the summer on some aging and broken equipment. My main pump just died yesterday and with a few months to go until summer, I am looking to start over and hope you guys could help me design a new system for me to DIY install. I have experience with electrical and plumbing work, but need some design guidance.

44k Gallon Pool
2 Skimmers
1 Main Drain
2 Returns
1 Booster Return for Cleaner
1 New Jandy SFTM24-2.0 Sand Filter (Keep this)
1 Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump (Working, keep?)

6ft Diameter Spa (Disconnected and separate from Pool, but plumbing and electrical terminate in the same location)
1 Skimmer
1 Main Drain
1 Return
6 Jets

All piping is 1.5"

I would like to add a heater for the Spa only. Any recommendations?

Can I run this off a single pump and single filter? If so, how do you keep the water level in the spa correct? Is there a way to run the spa and pool returns at the same time to keep the chemicals the same(share the water?)

I have been studying the following Jandy Plumbing diagram. Is this a good start?
-It has Actuators, but not really looking for any automation and would likely replace them three ways.
-On the intake side, I think I would need two more three ways valves to separate the main drain and skimmers on each side?
-On the spa return, I think I would need another valve to separate the normal return and the jets? This would allow me to direct all the flow from the pump to the jets.

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