Help me pick out an AGP?


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May 10, 2018
Columbia, MO
Hello everyone, new member here. Just at the beginning stages of researching which type of above ground pool I would like. My yard is going to be a bit of a project to get pool ready, I do have very large mature trees that will pose an annoyance with leaves, but I believe it'll be manageable.

Ideally, I'd like a 15x30 oval pool. It would be the largest size that would fit in the space of my yard without the issue of tree roots being in the way during the leveling process. There would be a deck built around the entire pool, although that might be a year or so after the initial pool install.

I'm finishing up a complete kitchen gut/remodel, so I still have a bit of time to mull over the entire pool process, but I would really appreciate feedback from the community here as I am sure you guys will think of things that are quite important that would just breeze over my head.

I have two pools in mind at the moment. If anyone could offer opinions on either on I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking at the fairly cheap end of steel above ground pools (under 2.5k for pool and all necessary equipment)

Saltwater is a preference from my significant other, although not a deal breaker if it isn't.

Option A) 15'x30'x52" Trendium Pretium (Wilbar Pool)
Pro / 30y prorated warranty
Pro / Approved for saltwater
Pro / Looks sturdier, although I could be completely wrong
Con / Doesn't come with covers, skimmer, etc
Unsure / Price for what it comes with? (looking at the premium package w/ pump, ladder, liner, approx. 2.1k)

Option B) 15'x30'x52" Galaxy Steel (Asahi Pool)
Pro / cheaper, premium package comes with everything needed (approx. 1.7k)
Pro / possibly easier to build a seamless looking deck around the top due to no top rails
Con / 15y prorated warranty (savings worth half the warranty?)
S.O. Con / not saltwater approved

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on it being a complete DIY project. Since I am planning on a fairly large deck, I wanted to keep the pool costs down to a minimum with still getting a decent quality pool.

Also, I live in central Missouri if that makes any difference on any opinions :)


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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
I would go with the saltwater option. It just makes things so easy! My Intex pools have been lasting about 4 years or so, so the next time I need a new one, will probably go with a permanent AGP that is saltwater approved - I am spoiled now!


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Apr 2, 2016
Hillbillyville, MO
I think having the saltwater pool is nice. Less maintenance. I pretty much know how much chlorine is in the pool at any given time once I got to know the pool. I just let it run and then dump bleach in as needed...our pool came from Pool Factory.


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May 10, 2018
Columbia, MO
Saltwater is surely my number 1 pick at the moment. Although, are there any comparable pools out there on pricing to the
Trendium Pretium (Wilbar Pool)
? From this site it's looking like it would be 2.1k (with liner, ladder, sand pump, pool vac). I'd still need to get the pool covers, a skimmer, and a saltwater system.

I was looking at Pool Factory, like you mentioned Tom, although their pools seem to be just a step up in quality for what I was hoping to pay for. The partial in ground would be a nice benefit, but their oval pools go up in price substantially compared to their circle pools. Due to my yard set up, the largest round pool I'd be able to fit is just a 15' round, which I am uncertain if that would be too small.

Are there any good reputable online dealers that sell 15x30 oval pools that are rated for saltwater for around the 2k price point? Or am I taking a shot in the dark with this price point and size of pool desired?


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
Get the nicer better quality pool and don't buy a "kit".

All the parts other than the pool and liner can be sourced from other retails for decent prices.

15x30 is a great sized pool I really like mine. It's bigger than it looks when you lay it out on the ground.