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May 23, 2010
Im thinking of making the jump to SWG. Hoping to stay at about 1000.00 Whats my best bet? I have 25600 Gallon AGP, So whats out there & what size?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
There are many good choices. An Aqua Rite 40k system is a good choice for your situation, but that is just one of many possibilities.


May 18, 2010
I recently went through the same process and for better or worse ultimately came down to reading through the "which swg" and the "I have a swg problem" posts. The problems fall (in order) into 1) operator error 2) Cell at it's age limit, and 3) defective component. As far as recommendations the Autopilot seems to stand out from the others. From problems/issues reported (all anecdotal) I could not tell that any one stood out from the others.

I picked the AquaRite Pro and T-Cell 15 for $950 which is under your 1k price tag. I like having the controller in a regular steel panel with a water resistant door that shuts and protects the display. My reasoning for choosing the pro over the base unit is that it wasn't that much of an incremental investment to leave open the option to add sense and dispense in the future.

Installation of the AquaRite was very easy it took me two hours to cut the pvc and glue 4 joints, mount the box, run the wires, and test. The setup menu is clear and simple.

More money...
The instructions say to install using a GFI breaker. These are quite expensive. The list for my 2 pole, 20 amp GE breaker is $260. In addition, code states you cannot run GFI and non-GFI wires in the same raceway so I needed to replace all the breakers in my sub-panel or run more conduit. Rational or not I feel better with GFI breakers anyway. I have three 20 amp 2 pole and two 1 pole for a total of 5 breakers. I found the 2 pole breakers for $80 each total cost $300. I also considered a 50 amp spa breaker (these are cheap) going to the sub-panel but Jason recommended not to do this. I also read other reports of people that did this getting numerous false trips. I was lucky my panel was only "half" full as the GFI breakers are full size and my panel had the GE Thin breakers. I don't know if all vendors recommend/require GFI breakers or whether they have a choice. 2008 NEC code requires GFI breakers for IG pool pumps.

I hope that helps.



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Sep 11, 2010
Orange County, CA
FWIW, the Hayward guy's been to my house to look at things (brought by the pool remodel company). There were some electrical things that weren't done quite the way the Hayward install guide says they should be. The Hayward person didn't seem to think it was a problem (so I couldn't really push back on the pool builder at that point).

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