Help me ID my pump please?


Oct 14, 2016
Virginia Beach
I'm trying to diagnose a leak on my pump and I think it may be the shaft seal. I know I have a tiny leak from the discharge pipe where it exits the pump, but the slab is always wet under the pump itself. I know I need to determine the pump model so I can get the correct seal kit, correct? Unfortunately the sticker has disintegrated. Can someone help ID it? It looks like a SP2610X15 from some basic googling.



TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
It's a Hayward SuperPump.

I recommend U.S. Seal PS-3868 Seal Assembly for Ozone / Salt.

If you use a flashlight, you can look under the pump to see if the seal is leaking.

Look from the back, at an angle. It's tricky, but doable.

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