Help me determine the right pool pump and SWCG combination


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Oct 25, 2015
Thanks for verifying, that was what I was wondering, if I could just reduce the run time and / or power. I need to check into the automation that you and MAS985 are talking about. My pool is 30 years old and I just know about and how to use the equipment it has.

As Mark mentioned the automation system will be able to integrate with your salt cell. However, this will only give you full control (%power, and time) if you use the automation system and the salt cell from the same manufacturer. If you already had automation it would be an advantage to use their salt system as well. I really dislike this approach because it forces you to use the automation supplier's salt system which in many cases is inferior to 3rd party. So even though I have a Jandy automation (iAqualink) I opted for a Circupool RJ+ system that I have to set the % power manually at the control box and I start/stop it through a spare relay on my iAqualink. This works fine for me and the only inconvenience is that over the years I will have to increase power manually but most of the adjustment is by schedule that I can do with my phone app. I also get the full 7 year warranty, and higher output vs zero warranty for the Jandy unit that is self-installed.

I hope this helps.