Help: Main Drain body screw hole stripped (Vinyl inground pool)


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Jun 28, 2013
St. Louis, MO
I'm working on replacing my liner and have the liner off and doing some floor repair. I discovered one of the holes in the main drain body is stripped.
The hayward screw set for the drain is SPX1039Z18

Here are the options I have thought of:

leave that one screw out hoping the new liner will not leak.
Use a slightly larger screw, but I'm wondering if i can find one.
tap a new hole next to the old one in the drain body and the plastic ring.
Shift the whole ring and create 8 new screw holes, fill the old ones in with silicon.
Wrap the screw with a bunch of teflon tape and hope it holds it down well enough.
Fill the stripped hole with some sort of epoxy and drill a new hole.

Attached is the part diagram from Hayward with red arrow pointing to stripped hole.

Any recommendations or opinion on my options?



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Aug 10, 2017
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I just rotate the retainer ring halfway between the holes amd predrill them amd run screws thru with a hand screwdriver so they're ready to go. In your case i would use silicone to ta k down gasket so holes stay lined up when you feel for the holes with liner in place.
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