Help! LO Heater code and priming going in and out


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Sep 14, 2020
Hello!! I just became a first time pool owner!! We just had an inground pool put in last week! Yesterday we encounter our first ‘what did we do wrong moment’. Our pool was back filled with sand and we had a decent amount get into our pool, so we decided to manually vacuum that up, by shutting down the filter and doing a waste dump. When we were done with that we realized about 20 minutes later we got a LO code on our heater. We then realized we had to back wash the filter. We did so for 3 minutes and a bunch of dirty water came out and we waited for that to clear. We then added water to our pool to make sure he line was in the middle of our skimmer doors. After that We are still getting the LO code. We have checked everything, nothing looks clogged! We back washed a few more times and rinsed as well. In the midst of all of that we realized our filter will prime then stop, then prime, then stop...etc. when it stops we get the LO code on the heater and we also get on our box ‘chlorinator off no flow’. I am afraid to keep messing with the everything. Any suggestions on what else to look at? I have a call out to my pool company and i am waiting to hear back. I know they are so busy. I hope they can talk me through it or come check it out. But in the meantime i thought i would do some digging myself. I have read the manuals and still no luck fixing.

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Feb 6, 2019
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Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but are you saying that your pool builder made YOU clean up your pool after install? There isn't a world that I could imagine this would be something that actually happens. Either way, we use trash pumps to pump out both dirt and water straight to the street, yard, etc. We use several different brands, but mostly Hayward Super II pumps and the impellers will get clogged with dirt/rocks after a couple of pools. That could easily be your issue.
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