HELP is 1:5 floor slope 10 degree ok to stand on and walk


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Jul 12, 2020
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So our pool is 30’ wide. They dug today and I still wasn’t confident in how to slope the pool bottom. The first 10’ is a low end that we chose to do 3’4” water height. We were cautious to start the slope there and go to 5’ because I was worried that the water height wouldn’t get to covering u with enough water until far into the pool. So I thought I had a great idea to do an 8” drop after the low end that way the 20’ outside of the low end was only sloping from 4’-5’ but the pool builder explained you can’t do that because it creates a step that can break which makes sense so instead he suggested we do the 10’ low end and then for the next 10’ we slope it from 3’4” to 5’ then the last 10’ of the pool is a flat 5’. I’m getting nervous it is a steep slope. Is 20” slope over 10’ a lot? Or will it be a comfortable slope? The idea was people could find a comfortable water height for them based on their height but I don’t want it to feel like your walking on a hill.

attached is the hole so far with rebar. The sun deck that sticks out from the pool is 10’, the area to the left is the 10’ low end and the 10’ area on the right is the 10’ wide 5’ flat area.
They explained once the gunite is shot it won’t looks too steep like it currently looks and it’s a very comfortable slope. Maybe it’s that the slope looks more like a hill than a straight line. Does this get corrected during gunite or do I need to mention it now.

so I calculated the slope and it’s about 1:5 and a 10 degree slope.

If I bring the slope out 5 feet so a 15’ slope making the flat 5’ height only 5’ wide which is plenty it will make the slopeabout 7.5 degrees. Is this something that can be done at this point or the rebar already set is an issue and fill can’t be added? Or is this something that can be done when they shoot the gunite (or will rebar be in wrong spot if u do that)

thanks for feedback.


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May 20, 2020
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My pool is 25ft but it goes 3.5ft to 5.5ft (in the middle) then back to 4ft. So if you say I have about 24inches depth change in 13ft on one side and a 18in depth change in 13ft on the other side. I do not find this uncomfortable.
Most people are floating on a noodle or dog paddling so not really walking the bottom. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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