help. i'm confusd about replacing ppool light (with pic)


May 23, 2007
north NJ
i have a hayward wet-niche (e39338, T-547254) with what i assume is a burned out light.

there are 10 screws holding the entire unit, and then 2 screws holding an inner unit.

i unscrewed the inner unit, and thought it would just pull right out, electric line trailing behind.

but i cant get it out any further than the picture shows.

it didnt occur to me that it might be clipped in.

so i'd appreciate any information before i dive back in and try things again.

Thanks in advance

- linda's pool boy



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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
Welcome to TFP!!

An unusual circumstance, to be sure, but not unheard of :(

As you surmise, usually enough cord is left in the niche to allow the light to be brought up on the deck to replace the bulb.

You should be able to get around the issue, though. All you have to do is find the junction box. Kill the breaker to the light and open the junction box. Disconnect the light cord and tie a string to it (little extra detail: tie a loop in the end of some strong string and feed one of the wires ~ 1/2 way through it, then twist the wire like a bread tie. Use electrical tape to completely secure the wire to itself and the string and continue taping the other 2 wires to the string all the way to where they end - you don't want one of the loose ends to catch somewhere in the conduit!)

With string secured, simply pull out enough cord to gain you access to the light on the deck - change the bulb and then, reverse the procedure to reattach the light :-D What you're basically doing is repulling the light.

I hope this post has enlightened you :p - if you've any questions on what i suggest, all you need do is ask them.