Help! If placing 24 x 12 on astro turf do we need pavers for supports?


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May 18, 2020
Ventura, CA
We have an xtr ultra 24 x 12 pool. We are putting it on astroturf that was put on flattened earth 2 years ago... We dont want to damage the turf. Do we still need to use pavers/wood under the supports? I can't dig them in so they will be 1.5 inches above the ground...
Thank you in advance!


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1. I think you shouldn't use pavers, but not sure. That's a big difference in height between the ground and the bottom of the pool. Unless you built up the base the pool rests on with rigid foam or sand, a tarp, and a pad of some sort, like Gorilla or Rhino. Anyone else with more knowledge wanna chime in?

2. Is your site level?

3. Be sure you put a Gorilla pad or a Rhino Pad between the bottom of the pool and the astroturf. It might like through and cause a leak.