Help identifying spa blower


Oct 8, 2012

I am trying to identify a spa blower in our pool that hasn't worked since we bought the home. The plate information has all rubbed off, so I have no idea what the HP or Voltage is. Based on my electric ignorance, Is there a way for me to determine what HP and voltage I need? Thank you in advance!



Oct 8, 2012
Possibly this:

What are the details of the spa?
Thanks for the response. Some details about the spa:

1. The blower is probably 60 feet from the spa with what I would guestimate 3 90 degree turns.
2. There are 39 air holes on the seats
3. Approximate depth of spa is 35"
4. Approximate depth of seats to waterline is 18"
5. Dimension of spa is 5'x10'


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
If you're replacing the blower, you can use any manufacturer.

You're going to have to investigate the voltage. Is there a labeled circuit breaker that goes to the blower?

The hp is difficult to determine theoretically. You always want to go with the smallest hp that gets the job done.

The correct hp depends on how much action you want and if the blower feeds just the air holes or the jets as well.

If you want a lot of action, go with the bigger hp.

Check with the manufacturer to see if they have any helpful sizing tips.